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Your Development Team's 6 Biggest Challenges

Posted by Ravi Madhavan on September 13, 2016

A few Rock Stars of development have become popular Icons and Billionaires. In television and the movies, these real life icons and fictionalized developers, have become heroes and anti-heroes. But in the real world, the rest of the tens of millions of developers face the every day challenges in the trenches that we call work. 


Topics: IT Management, Software Development

Star Trek: Inspiration Technology Innovation

Posted by Chris Metzger on September 08, 2016

For 50 years Star Trek has provided inspiration for many of the technological innovation we use today. Here's a look at some that were spot on and some we're still waiting for.  


Topics: Creativity, Inspiration

Get Fit and Stay Focused with these Office Exercises

Posted by Chris Metzger on September 06, 2016

Staying fit is a challenge, but with an eight (10) hour office day, it's even harder. These 15 exercises will help you reduce sedentarism and improve your health.


Topics: Productivity, Professional Development, Infographic

What is Machine Learning?

Posted by Ravi Madhavan on September 01, 2016

Even those who know little about Machine Learning are likely to use it every day. Here's a basic introduction to ML (no math required) to get you started on a topic that may soon literally drive the world.


Topics: Aritificial Intelligence

How To Keep IT Talent Once You've Got It

Posted by Chris Metzger on August 30, 2016

Finding and hiring the tech specialists to help you enable your 2.0-strategies is only half the challenge. Retaining them once you've brought them on is the next.


Topics: Leadership, IT Management, Professional Development, Project Management

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