Comparing an "as-a-Service" IT Administration Solution to Traditional Staffing Options

Posted by Chris Metzger

Companies requiring additional administrative support within the IT organization have multiple options to select from these days. This chart compares the choices and shows why a consumption-based "as-a-Service" model may be your best solution. 

When manpower shortages arise within the IT organization, the best solution for increasing productivity is not always through the traditional, Resource-based approach of hiring or retaining contractors. The use of a consumption-based, Software-Administration-as-a-Service (SAaaS) model allows the organization to supplement the output of their existing IT team as needed by offloading ancillary or nonessential system administration tasks on a case-by-case basis, generally with no long term agreement or additional cost outside of the actual work efforts performed.

This lightweight, SAaaS approach allows the productive ability of the IT Organization to continuously align to the current demands and strategic objectives of the business. SAaaS can fill in for manpower shortages, be available for night and weekend activities, and provide for missing skill sets when needed - all without the overhead or cost commitment of a Resource-based model.

The following case  example compares the primary options for a company requiring 1000 additional hours of productive software administration.

SAaaS vs Resource-Based Models
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While it's clear from the comparison, that the use of an SAaaS support model isn't always the best choice for companies needing to increase manpower, the on-demand, consumption-based approach is shown to be 52% less expensive in certain situations. Further, around the clock availability and advanced knowledge across multiple software platforms is something a single person in a resource-based arrangement simply cannot do.

If the reliability and quality of output are identical between each of the three options and total need doesn't justify a full time resource, outsourcing your software administration needs to a qualified SAaaS provider is an effective solution.  

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Written by Chris Metzger
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