Lack of Proper User Provisioning Leaves Major Exposures [Infographic]

After collecting a years worth of anonymous data during risk assessments, a leader in digital security found the sensitive data within corporate file systems is being left wide open due to improper user provisioning practices.

New finding from Varonis Systems and presented in this infographic show companies are creating "staggering levels of exposure" for data breaches due to poor data governance practices.  


Startling findings, and it seems many companies are making the same mistakes.  Maintaining consistent data governance practices for your users (which Allari Solutions refers to as User Provisioning) is crucial to keeping your valuable data secure.

If your company is trusting a single admin or automation software isn't a fit right now, Allari offers a low cost alternative to ensure user rights are processed properly and your risk of exposure is minimalized.

Don't let your system become part of the statistic!