Solution Comparison: IT-as-a-Service Model vs Resource-Based Options for JD Edwards Development

Completing JD Edwards Development objectives has traditionally required entering into a Resource-Based engagement of either hiring a full time employee or retaining a full time contractor, even if your actual development needs don't justify the full time investment.

But today you can leverage a Consumption-Based IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) support solution to fulfill your JDE development demands — a model which can be over 45 Percent More Cost Effective by eliminating the upfront cost and ongoing overhead inherent in the Resource-Based options. 

The following chart compares fulfillment solutions for a company who has projected the need for 1000 hours of additional JDE development support.

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IT-as-a-Service Modle Vs Resource-Based Options for JD Edwards Developement


While it's clear from the comparison that an IT-as-a-Service solution may not be the best choice in every situation, the on-demand, consumption-based approach can significantly cut costs when needs do not warrant a full time resource. This support approach also make access to multiple Development languages available at one time, along with around the clock, night and weekend availability, which is something a single person in a Resource-Based engagement simply cannot do.     

If the reliability and quality of output are identical between each of the three options, a customer's annual development needs don't exceed the point where hiring is financially justified, and the need for onsite collaboration is not a requirement, engaging with an IT-as-a-Service provider for your JD Edwards Development needs is an effective solution.