The True Cost of Downtime

Even with 99.999% uptime guarantees, interruptions in operations are inevitable. Here's a look at the reasons behind systems downtime and effects it has on business.

Dramatically Reduce IT Errors With This Simple Tool

In the early 2000s, the medical staff at Johns Hopkins Hospital implemented a tool that reduced patients enduring pain from 41 % to 3%, pneumonia occurrences by 25%, and patient deaths by 21 from the previous year. The tool they implemented - a checklist.

Lack of Proper User Provisioning Leaves Major Exposures [Infographic]

After collecting a years worth of anonymous data during risk assessments, a leader in digital security found the sensitive data within corporate file systems is being left wide open due to improper user provisioning practices.

5 Reasons Multitasking is Bad for IT Productivity

When it comes to IT operations, multitasking seems to be a prerequisite. Quite often it's even written into the job posting. However, research is revealing that multitasking may do more damage than good.