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Solution Comparison: 'as-a-Service' JDE CNC Support vs Resource-Based Options

Leveraging the 'as-a-Service' model for JD Edwards CNC support is a flexible and cost effective alternative to Resource-based options. This chart compares the different CNC support approaches a company has to select from and shows why the consumption-based ITaaS model may be the best support solution. 

Solution Comparison: IT-as-a-Service Model vs Resource-Based Options for JD Edwards Development

Completing JD Edwards Development objectives has traditionally required entering into a Resource-Based engagement of either hiring a full time employee or retaining a full time contractor, even if your actual development needs don't justify the full time investment.

Insourcing, Outsourcing, Cloud, Offshore, Nearshore,...

The tag line about clients focusing on their business and letting someone else focus on IT is losing it's appeal in the digital world. However, this doesn't mean companies are going back to the way it was either. 

Your Development Team's 6 Biggest Challenges

A few Rock Stars of Development have become popularized icons. In movies and TV these factual, and often fictionalized developers, have become heroes and anti-heroes, but in the real world, the other tens of millions of developers face the every day challenges in the trenches we call work.