Solution Comparison: 'as-a-Service' JDE CNC Support vs Resource-Based Options

Leveraging the 'as-a-Service' model for JD Edwards CNC support is a flexible and cost effective alternative to Resource-based options. This chart compares the different CNC support approaches a company has to select from and shows why the consumption-based ITaaS model may be the best support solution. 

Accessing JD Edwards CNC support skills has traditionally meant engaging in the resource-based approach of hiring a full time employee or retaining a contractor, even if your actual CNC demands don’t require the full time cost commitment. However, leveraging a consumption-based, 'as-a-Service' IT Support (ITaaS) solution to fulfill your JD Edwards CNC needs eliminates the downtime inherent in resource-based options and can be 48% more cost efficient while enhancing the accountability, availability and knowledgebase of your CNC support investment.

The following use case compares the options a customer has for fulfilling 1000 hours of JD Edwards CNC support demands. [Click to expand or download

ITaaS vs Resource-Based Solutions for JDE CNC Support

As reflected in the chart, an ITaaS solution extends the capabilities of your JDE CNC support, both in terms of availability and capacity potential, for less financial investment than a single resource can provide. Additionally, the incremental, on-demand engagement model automatically generates data-driven reporting on specific JDE operational processes, allowing for greater transparency and more accurate accounting of CNC support efforts.

Whether used as a primary support solution or as a supplement to existing in-house teams, the elastic, consumption-based ITaaS model for JDE CNC administration provides the flexibility and control today's customers need. And with no long-term commitment, minimum-use requirements or additional charges outside of the actual CNC work delivered, the ITaaS approach doesn't contain the cost liabilities of the resource-based options either.

If your annual CNC needs don't justify a full time resource, or demands from project work and regular business cycles exceed the capacity of in-house JDE teams, leveraging an ITaaS solution for your JDE CNC support is an effective option.