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Solution Comparison: IT-as-a-Service Model vs Resource-Based Options for JD Edwards Development

Accessing JD Edwards Developer skills typically required doing so through a "Resource-based" engagement— either hiring a full-time Developer Employee or retaining a full-time Developer Contractor, even if your actual demands don't justify the full-time investment. 

But today you can leverage a Consumption-based IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) Solution to access the JDE Developer skills you need— an approach which can be over 45 Percent More Cost Effective by eliminating the upfront cost and ongoing overhead inherent in the Resource-based options. 

The following Solution Comparison chart is based on a Use Case of a company who has projected the need for 1000 additional hours of JDE Developer support. It compares the most common options they have for fulfilling this need.  

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IT-as-a-Service Modle Vs Resource-Based Options for JD Edwards Developement


As you can see from the comparison, the IT-as-a-Service Development Solution really stands out when it comes to the time/money lost as a Resource-based Developer is stuck waiting on the typical things which must occur during the development cycle. A recent survey identified things like testing, approvals, deployments, and other non-development admin tasks equate for about 54% of a Developer's time on average. This is a huge amount of waste, even when development demands warrant the use of a full-time resource.    

The team approach of the ITaaS Development Solution also makes accessing multiple development languages and parallel development (Developer effort can be placed on two or more objectives simultaneously without increasing overall development costs), and 24/7 availability possible. This development strategy also eliminates the lock-in to utilization requirements which come from hiring a full-time employee or contractor. This means you can change, pause, or cancel a development project altogether without incurring any financial loss beyond the work already provided. None of these are possible with a single person, Resource-based approach.     

If the reliability and quality of output are identical between each of the three options, and a customer's annual development needs don't exceed the point where hiring may be financially justifiable, nor is the need for onsite collaboration a requirement, engaging with an IT-as-a-Service provider for your JD Edwards Development needs is the more effective solution.  

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