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The Mayhem of Multi-Tasking [Infographic]

Multi-tasking does more than cause mistakes, it makes mayhem on the productive output of your IT organization. Here's a closer look at the damage done and what we can do to fix it.  

At Allari we talk about boosting productivity in the IT department a lot. Heck, it's what we do for a living. I came across this infographic which focuses on what I view as the #1 plunderer of work place productivity... Multi-tasking!

Even though there are literally, thousands of studies, reports, and smart little infographics like this one floating around the internet, multi-tasking is still one of the most productivity-paralyzing habits we engage in. It needs to stop and we've discussed plenty of strategies in other posts to get it under control, along with championing a productivity boosting frameworks like the ID2 method

Here's a few highlights of the mayhem multi-tasking is responsible for:

  • As much as 15 additional minutes is wasted as you attempt to shift your brain in between tasks!
  • Multi-Taskers take 50% longer to complete a given task and are 50% more likely to make mistakes! 
  • Continual distractions can result in a 10 point reduction in IQ scores!


Between our own tendencies to try and accomplish more and management misconceptions that multi-tasking is still a valid work skill, it's been proven time and time again to wreak havoc on both our productivity and creative thought, something that is a must for today's Knowledge Workers.

Since multi-tasking still appears to be occurring in IT organization, along with the business at large, in companies around the world, here's one more infographic to try and convince you to change your productivity-punishing habits. This one comes from online scheduling and management services provider, When I Work. Check it out and drop some comments about how you've been able to stop the multi-tasking mayhem below.