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The True Cost of Downtime

Even with 99.999% uptime guarantees, interruptions in operations are inevitable. Here's a look at the reasons behind systems downtime and effects it has on business.

Nothing is certain in this world, and that certainty becomes even less so when business technology is involved. Sure, there's the guaranteed uptime that a robust SLA provides, but even with 99.999% performance, the average business is looking at a $18,000+ loss. Ouch!  

While the stability and protective architecture of business computer systems have come a long way, the growing use of shared services within the cloud means more companies are becoming jointly exposed to the whims of hackers or the  calamity of large scale events. Last year's Dyn DDosS attack, which occurred across multiple hours and affected major companies such as Amazon, Netflix and Zillow, has been estimated in some reports to have cost well over 10 million dollars in business revenue.     

The following infographic breaks down some of the factors of business system downtime, including the reasons they happen, the average impact as well as some countermeasure companies can take to stem the effect.