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WHAT You Do WHEN Matters To Be Productive

The mind, software to our brain, follows a spectrum of highs and lows through the day.  Recent findings suggest conventional wisdom may have been wrong on when it's best to do creative work versus analytical work.

Google Is Playing Games With Us!

Google's hidden secret is going to burn a lot of productivity in the office!

The Inevitable by Kevin Kelly - Part 1 Intro [IT Book]

Kevin Kelly writes in his new book, The Inevitable, about the unstoppable momentum of technology and how it will change our lives over the next thirty years.  He is optimistic about the outcome, but not blind to the pain, conflict and confusion that accompanies great change. Whether you agree or disagree, his ideas are always thought-provoking.

Managing Like Pixar

Many companies have tried integrating storytelling and technology skills to create computer animated features, but only one has been consistently on top. That success may be attributed to leadership and management focusing on a set of principles which create an environment where their teams can shine.

13 Geeky Facts About Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th is here again so we've assembled some geeky trivia about the history, lore and superstition of this infamous date. Proceed with caution!