IoT Without Analytics is Like Brahe Without Kepler

Data and Analytics came together in the 16th Century catalyzing the scientific revolution. But today, Data has moved far ahead of its Analytic counterpart. Here's how they were brought together and what's needed to keep them from pulling apart.  

Data/BI/Analytics 101 [Knowledge Series]

Our new Knowledge Series brings together a group of previous posts for easier access to learning on relevant IT topics. First off is Data, BI and Analytics.

5 Steps to Go from Data to Decisions

Many companies have made the investment in BI and Analytics technology but the processes to fully utilize and benefit from the technology is in it's early stages. This post outlines a 5 step process that provides a way to capture the expected return from the technology investment.

Data Everywhere

More data, smarter analytics and our openness to use them for making decisions is transforming the world. Popularized in professional sports but in reality it's been happening in every industry and aspect of our lives.

Building a Data-Driven Organization with BI and Analytics

BI is just a beginning. In order for organizations to truly achieve high ROI, BI needs to feed Analytics to help drive decisions that drive revenue, cost and process improvement.

How To Build Your Own Big Data Dream Team
Making the most out of big data requires more than just good technology, it takes a team with the know how to extract the data.  Demand for these skill sets is outpacing supply however, leaving many companies to consider re-purposing their own resources.  
Extracting Value from the 4 V's of Big Data

Big Data is getting bigger by the second. This infographic breaks down the 4 V's of Big Data and some of the mind boggling statistics that come with it.