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The Art and Science of Goal Setting

Big ambition without concrete objectives is just dreaming and concrete objectives without big ambition could just be another way of standing still. Put them together though, and you could reach the moon.

Perspective, Productivity and Piano Cats

How you write, respond and relate to company emails can have a big effect on productivity. It could also make you lose sight of your true value to the business. 

6 Lessons from John F. Kennedy for Any Leader

In October of 1962, President Kennedy and his team, faced a crisis that could have resulted in global catastrophe.  Are there lessons to be learned from their successful experience for business leaders facing far less grave situations?

The Inevitable by Kevin Kelly - Part 1 Intro [IT Book]

Kevin Kelly writes in his new book, The Inevitable, about the unstoppable momentum of technology and how it will change our lives over the next thirty years.  He is optimistic about the outcome, but not blind to the pain, conflict and confusion that accompanies great change. Whether you agree or disagree, his ideas are always thought-provoking.

Getting Things Done - Mind Like Water

David Allen's, Getting Things Done methodology focuses on actions to help us become more productive with our day. But he also stresses that success isn't measured by how much you get done but rather your state of mind when getting things done.

13 Geeky Facts About Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th is here again so we've assembled some geeky trivia about the history, lore and superstition of this infamous date. Proceed with caution! 

The Motherboard of our Lives

"No need to thank me.  All I did was give you life." - Mom