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How to Work More Deeply in a Distracted World - Part 1: Why

By design, distractions are everywhere in a digital world, yet working deeply may be the most important ability we need to be successful in the new economy. A new book, Deep Work, by Cal Newport provides great insight into how we can better overcome this paradox.

Cloud Computing - 4 Drivers Leading to Exponential Growth

The staggering growth in cloud computing shows that, like many consumers, the business world is choosing the Access Economy over the Ownership Economy.

5 Steps to Go from Data to Decisions

Many companies have made the investment in BI and Analytics technology but the processes to fully utilize and benefit from the technology is in it's early stages. This post outlines a 5 step process that provides a way to capture the expected return from the technology investment.

The Inevitable by Kevin Kelly - Part 1 Intro [IT Book]

Kevin Kelly writes in his new book, The Inevitable, about the unstoppable momentum of technology and how it will change our lives over the next thirty years.  He is optimistic about the outcome, but not blind to the pain, conflict and confusion that accompanies great change. Whether you agree or disagree, his ideas are always thought-provoking.