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Leadership At Mid-Market Companies Are Raising The Stakes on Technology

Emboldened by previous results, leadership at Mid-Market companies are making larger wagers on technology investments as they build strategies around them.  

Correcting the IT Partner Disconnect

Both the business and the IT organization agree that a tighter partnership is needed to advance the technology goals of the company. So why isn't it happening?  

How Digitally Mature is Your Organization? [Infographic]

Digitally mature organizations have the talent, culture, leadership and strategy needed to win the digital transformation race. Is your company a contender?     

Cloud Computing - 4 Drivers Leading to Exponential Growth

The staggering growth in cloud computing shows that, like many consumers, the business world is choosing the Access Economy over the Ownership Economy.

Data/BI/Analytics 101 [Knowledge Series]

Our new Knowledge Series brings together a group of previous posts for easier access to learning on relevant IT topics. First off is Data, BI and Analytics.

Digital Transformation Driving Walmart, GE and Ford Strategy

The trend of digital transformation is not only reshaping the business, but also IT organizations within industrial icons and brick & mortar behemoths in major ways. Are you ready for the challenges the trend will have on your IT organization?

The Mayhem of Multi-Tasking [Infographic]

Multi-tasking does more than cause mistakes, it makes mayhem on the productive output of your IT organization. Here's a closer look at the damage done and what we can do to fix it.  

The Inevitable by Kevin Kelly - Part 1 Intro [IT Book]

Kevin Kelly writes in his new book, The Inevitable, about the unstoppable momentum of technology and how it will change our lives over the next thirty years.  He is optimistic about the outcome, but not blind to the pain, conflict and confusion that accompanies great change. Whether you agree or disagree, his ideas are always thought-provoking.