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Data Everywhere

More data, smarter analytics and our openness to use them for making decisions is transforming the world. Popularized in professional sports but in reality it's been happening in every industry and aspect of our lives.

The DX 200: The Race For Digital Transformation

To map out a successful Digital Transformation strategy companies need to be in the right gear. Here's a high level framework to help your team win the DX race. 

What We're Reading - Robots on the Job

Robots are becoming a bigger part of our work and personal lives, accompanied by the gain and pain that comes with any technology disruption.  Here's what we've been reading on this important and fascinating topic.

The Automation Is Coming! The Automation is Coming!

We've heard about it for years. We've seen it around town and even in our own backyards.  It's true, the Automation is coming!  But how will it really effect us?

Stop Hesitating and Start Delegating

Delegating tasks to another party is a straightforward concept which can have dramatic results on productivity. So why do we keep delaying such a good thing? 

Adjusting Sights in the Search For IT Talent

That old saying, there's plenty of fish in the sea, doesn't necessarily apply to the specialized knowledge workers who make up the Information Technology field. After all, they're just that— special. The training and technical skills they have acquired take time to accrue, and with the fast rate in which technology is advancing, the available pool of IT resources seems to be lagging continually.

7 Markers Leading CIOs to the New IT

The New IT requires CIOs to transform their organization from back office support to forward facing business driver. Here are 7 markers IT leadership will need to follow to make the transformation.

The Top 10 Technology Initiatives IT Leaders Are Reaching For

Today's CIOs are trying to leverage these innovative 'brass rings' to move their companies forward. Here's a look at the top 10 tech initiatives they're prioritizing.