IoT Without Analytics is Like Brahe Without Kepler

Data and Analytics came together in the 16th Century catalyzing the scientific revolution. But today, Data has moved far ahead of its Analytic counterpart. Here's how they were brought together and what's needed to keep them from pulling apart.  

7 Traits Shared by Successful CIOs

Moving the business forward in the digital convergence will require strong technology leadership. These specific traits rise to the top among the most successful CIOs.  

H-1B Visa: Good Intentions Gone Astray

Has the H-1B process gone from adding hard to find skills that will strengthen the U.S. to one now mostly profiting foreign corporations?

Do Managers Really Matter?

Google did not think management had much value for an engineering driven organization of self starters and high achievers. They decided to find out if Managers do really matter. Here's what they discovered.

Looking Ahead at Technology Priorities for 2017 and Beyond

As we wind down the year, here's a look at the trends which technology leadership says will be impacting the IT organization in 2017 and beyond.   

How to Work More Deeply in a Distracted World - Part 1: Why

By design, distractions are everywhere in a digital world, yet working deeply may be the most important ability we need to be successful in the new economy. A new book, Deep Work, by Cal Newport provides great insight into how we can better overcome this paradox.

Leadership At Mid-Market Companies Are Raising The Stakes on Technology

Emboldened by previous results, leadership at Mid-Market companies are making larger wagers on technology investments as they build strategies around them.  

6 Lessons from John F. Kennedy for Any Leader

In October of 1962, President Kennedy and his team, faced a crisis that could have resulted in global catastrophe.  Are there lessons to be learned from their successful experience for business leaders facing far less grave situations?