How To Keep IT Talent Once You've Got It

Finding and hiring the tech specialists to help you enable your 2.0-strategies is only half the challenge. Retaining them once you've brought them on is the next.

Revisiting "What Makes a Leader?"

Nearly 60 years ago two giants of the 20th Century briefly came together in Silicon Valley. The leadership paths of Robert Noyce and William Shockley then diverged; one into immense success and the other defined by failure. Did Emotional Intelligence play a key role?

Boldness and Talent: The Top Needs for Tech Innovation

Technological innovation remains a current priority of the C-suite but a recent survey shows a lack of confidence towards future innovative success.

What We're Reading - The Dark Side of Being Digitally Connected

Always being connected to the digital world has provided many benefits, but there's usually a price to pay with most technological advances.  Here's a look at what we're reading this week on the dark side of digital connectedness.

The Key to a Self-Motivated Team

Cognitive studies found self-motivation increases when we feel a greater sense of control in decision making. Your leadership style may mean the difference between harnessing this aspect of human nature or standing in its way.

Are the Work Skills Predicted for the Year 2020 Still On Track? [Infographic]

An interesting Infographic from 2011 laid out the skills workers will need by 2020. We're halfway there and it seems the future may arrive sooner than predicted.