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The Art and Science of Goal Setting

Big ambition without concrete objectives is just dreaming and concrete objectives without big ambition could just be another way of standing still. Put them together though, and you could reach the moon.

Is Your Organization’s Information Safe?

If you work for a company with ~50+ employees, you may start to wonder why your IT team is so busy and unable to respond to support requests more quickly. Well, not only are they chipping away at a mountain of user requests, but they're also working to safeguard the organization’s information from many threats.

How To Keep IT Talent Once You've Got It

Finding and hiring the tech specialists to help you enable your 2.0-strategies is only half the challenge. Retaining them once you've brought them on is the next.

Put Together A High-Performing Project Team

Building a high-performing project team doesn't happen overnight, but once the alchemy is correct, your A-Team will be able to deliver unbeatable outcomes.

Top 10 Reasons Software Development Projects Fail

Development initiatives are at the top of many IT leaders to-do lists. Whether using in-house resources or an on-demand 'as-a-Service' solution for your development needs, IT organizations are in a rush to answer the new digital demands of their customers and business partners. And because of this urgency, it's more important than ever that the final product is delivered as expected, both on time and within budget.   

The Key to a Self-Motivated Team

Cognitive studies found self-motivation increases when we feel a greater sense of control in decision making. Your leadership style may mean the difference between harnessing this aspect of human nature or standing in its way.

3 Project Planning Lessons from Eisenhower

3 Lessons from The Project Manager of The Project. With a little help from Bill Belichick, Edward Lorenz, Benjamin Button, Mark Twain and my daughters.