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What We're Reading - Robots on the Job

Robots are becoming a bigger part of our work and personal lives, accompanied by the gain and pain that comes with any technology disruption.  Here's what we've been reading on this important and fascinating topic.

The Rise of the Knowledge Worker & How To Boost Their Effectiveness

The importance of Knowledge Workers in today's business has never been greater. Ensuring their time is properly utilized should be a paramount concern for any IT leader.  

What We're Reading - The Dark Side of Being Digitally Connected

Always being connected to the digital world has provided many benefits, but there's usually a price to pay with most technological advances.  Here's a look at what we're reading this week on the dark side of digital connectedness.

What We're Reading - A.I.

Artificial Intelligence is fascinating, challenging, thrilling and scary.  Here's what we're reading this week on A.I.