Managing Like Pixar

Many companies have tried integrating storytelling and technology skills to create computer animated features, but only one has been consistently on top. That success may be attributed to leadership and management focusing on a set of principles which create an environment where their teams can shine.

Stop Hesitating and Start Delegating

Delegating tasks to another party is a straightforward concept which can have dramatic results on productivity. So why do we keep delaying such a good thing? 

Revisiting "What Makes a Leader?"

Nearly 60 years ago two giants of the 20th Century briefly came together in Silicon Valley. The leadership paths of Robert Noyce and William Shockley then diverged; one into immense success and the other defined by failure. Did Emotional Intelligence play a key role?

Dramatically Reduce IT Errors With This Simple Tool

In the early 2000s, the medical staff at Johns Hopkins Hospital implemented a tool that reduced patients enduring pain from 41 % to 3%, pneumonia occurrences by 25%, and patient deaths by 21 from the previous year. The tool they implemented - a checklist.

Top 10 Reasons Software Development Projects Fail

Development initiatives are at the top of many IT leaders to-do lists. Whether using in-house resources or an on-demand 'as-a-Service' solution for your development needs, IT organizations are in a rush to answer the new digital demands of their customers and business partners. And because of this urgency, it's more important than ever that the final product is delivered as expected, both on time and within budget.   

How Does Your Day Stack Up To The Average Leader's? [Infographic]

Today's CXOs have more responsibilities and are putting in more time than ever. But the most successful ones have found balance. How does your day compare?

What Makes a Good Team?

A recent study by Google on the characteristics that determine team success revealed some surprising results-  IT Leaders who focus on 5 key findings can create an environment that increases team success.